NGAF Firewall platform

Sangfor NGAF is a fully-integrated AI-enabled WAF (Web Application Firewall) and NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) with all-round security against threats powered by innovative technologies such as Neural-X and Engine Zero. NGAF provides a genuinely secure, and streamlined firewall solution that offers a comprehensive overview of the entire security network of its entity.
NGAF- External firewall security system

NGAF- Defensive Enterprise Firewall
As the IT industry progresses, so as malicious malware, such as ransomware, enables those with insidious intentions to reach all of your sensitive information, financial information, personal information, and more.
The main issue here is that existing internet security technologies are becoming outdated, and to avoid that network, security is taking an influential role in the IT industry.
The big question here is, how can companies decide an organization, while having various defense vendors out there, offering the most robust protection in a less costly manner?

Here comes Sangfor!

Sangfor NGAF is designed to provide a robust end-to-end Enterprise Firewall Security solution. It offers complete protection to safeguard its customers from internal, external, current, and potential attacks. We are offering easy and simple to understand network security solutions for business organizations.
The basic four cornerstone points of our product strategy are:
  • Security Awareness
  • Real-Time Identification & Rapid Response
  • Streamlined Security O&M
  • High-Performance Application Layer (L7).

So to get comprehensive technical support contact us, and get a solution from our dedicated professional team.

Product Advantages

Maximum protection is a dynamic process, particularly in trusted domains, legal users can accidentally "open the gates" to potential attackers unwittingly. The high exposure of common possible security danger helps attackers to easily detect and disseminate security risks.
To avoid all these risks Sangfor security tools give users an overview of their network with few clicks. By applying a granular approach one can easily monitor servers, irregular traffic, threat status, and attack source. You can get a more secure and accurate data analysis with our graphical display.

Real-time threats are so sudden that they require quick counter calls. So at any point of attack, Sangfor NGAF helps you to identify threats and provide a fast response by detecting potential danger.

To run any small or medium size organization, you need an IT solution providing organization like any other big group, especially when you are using a traditional security solution.
Sangfor NGAF believes that it should not only be reliable, but easy also. So to make security policy implementation and modification process quick. Sangfor NGAF utilizes an intuitive configuration wizard. It is easily accessible and understandable. This helps our IT team to get the opportunity to determine the reliability of the network before the device goes live, guaranteeing that there are no bugs in the network with high visibility and real-time monitoring features.

Many vendors avoid main security features for better performance and end-up with leading attacks, crossing existing security solutions. Approximately 75% of attacks mainly target the application layer.
Sangfor high-performance application layer security performs functions of detection methods, software architecture, engine performance, and computing power to maintain network performance.
Before getting a solution, you need to know the main two types of firewalls which will help you to select a solution according to your need. Firewall systems are based on software components, which include hardware and software architecture.
Hardware architectures enhance performance by using tools like AV (Anti-Virus), WAF (Web Application Firewall), FW (Firewall), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), and utilizes Intel Fast Path Interconnect, Multi-Core Level Processing and Hybrid Processing Model, designed for the success of these optimizing tools.

To perform data replication, and detection, Sangfor uses 1X technology. Our customers enjoy fast and flexible security Because of our patented REGEX and content detection engine. Now choose a solution as your network requirement. And contact us, to get the best solution in town in a cost-effective manner.

Scenario Solutions

If your organization is facing any IT damage that is leading your business at risk. Sangfor NGAF is what you are looking for!
Sangfor NGAF uses advanced firewall techniques to perform content analysis and to inspect the attacker behaviors. It helps to detect advanced threats by using internal security features like Neural-X Family. Additionally, our graphics analytic tools help our IT team to highlight business risks and act promptly to avoid instant damage to your website.

Branches were considered weak links in the past. But now, due to security architecture, branches are no longer the weak link in the security chain. With Sangfor NGAF, we improved security protection capability for your WAN, so you can fully understand automated execution and maintenance for branches, helping to detect branch security threats in real-time.

Sangfor NGAF uses the latest IT technology to provide a more comprehensive solution against web attacks. DMZ is a technique that offers a solution for websites facing network threats and solves the issues of web-page tampering, Trojans, and information leakage.

By using Malicious software, one can easily bypass the traditional security system. To avoid any threats like this, Sangfor NGAF adds a protection layer of the parameter firewall. It gives complete protection, risk mitigation capability, easy deployment, and cost-effective. To fully secure your network.
To find out more about us, feel free to contact us, Our adequate technical team will help you to get all solutions under one roof.