Endpoint Secure

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security refers to securing endpoints. Sangfor Endpoints Security serves as a point of access to an enterprise network. It manages the endpoint security from prevention, defense, detection, and all the way through a response.
It helps businesses to ensure compliance with data security standards for endpoints. It maintains control over the increasing number and type of network access points.
Sangfor Endpoint Security Offering services of:

  • Intelligence Detection
  • Fast Response
  • Complete Protection

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Demand Analysis

Severe Threat Solution- Ransomware Appearance Frequently
In recent years the ransomware industry developed rapidly, and new ransomware emerged quickly. When ransomware affects any host of an organization it quickly encrypts some important files and asks for ransomware to restore them. It affects the organization's performance and also costs it a large amount of economic loss.

For example:
The outbreak of WannaCry caused more than $8 billion in losses for 300,000 users in more than 150 countries.

Lack of Traditional Endpoint Protection Ability
Anti-virus software
Traditional methods of virus-killing are facing challenges. As it does not completely protect individual devices and servers. Antivirus relies on cloud detection and killing, due to it, its detection ability drops sharply in an isolated network environment. Thus, using an endpoint security approach makes endpoints more responsible for security than anti-virus software that protects the network alone.

Lack of Fast Response Mechanism, Slow Response Speed
Due to the slow response speed, threats stay for a long time. And leave an impact on business performance.

Unintegrated Protection, Decentralized Protection
According to the need, every host required a different protection solution. Which leads to a heavy workload in management and maintenance. And it cannot be achieved by using traditional endpoint solutions.

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Product Advantages

Engine Zero is a Sangfor core detection engine. Engine zero accurately identifies the “DNA” of ransomware by continuously learning artificial intelligence using multiple techniques such as evolving neural networks and heuristics. It helps to block unknown threats. By combining it with Neural-X makes it a powerful cloud base intelligence platform.
Endpoint security with the power of Sangfor enhances the defensive ability of the organizations. It offers the security services of:
• Blocking suspicious and unauthorized network communication
• Offer micro-segmentation functionality to limit access across network boundaries
• Helps to stop exfiltration to Command & Control servers and access to phishing sites
• Manage and monitor 10’s thousands of endpoint assets via on-premise console.

Endpoint security responded to security incidents in a timely and effective way. With the high accuracy rate of identifying unknown threats, endpoint secure responds quickly. It provides multiple mechanisms to mitigate threats based on files, machines, and groups.
It provides endpoint isolation includes
• Endpoint host isolation
• Service group isolation
• File trust
• File isolation
• File deletion
• File recovery.
But endpoint isolation may not be enough so it collaborates with other Sangfor security products for better response.
For example:
Integration with the Sangfor NGAF will provide protection (host, perimeter, network), which helps users to quickly block threats, and shorten the time of threats in the user environment.
Sangfor global threat intelligence network simplifies the security operation. It provides real-time awareness of global threats and how it affects the local situation.

Sangfor Endpoint Security uses the integrated management console, compatible with
• Host and server-based agents
• Multiple operating systems
Due to these key elements, it makes large-scale asset management easy and simple.
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Application Scenarios

Endpoint secure systems locate the endpoints which have been infected in time and respond to known and unknown threats. It helps to maintain the organization's security system.

We made the endpoint security strategy to meet clients needs of security protection level 2.0 for
• Host anti-virus (Pitch)
• Vulnerability management (Centralized control)
And other security controls which help users to build the protection of level 2 or 3

The network provides security solutions for various endpoints through the integrated Endpoint Secure control. It gives companies monitoring access to manage the Windows PC, Windows Server, Linux Server, endpoint security baseline, and endpoint security vulnerability through integrated endpoint management layer.
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