Internet Access Management

IAM- Protect Web Gateway & Web Filtering Solution

The internet plays a vital role in every field of life like finance, education, business, health, and social with approx 4.2 billion users. The Internet is a key part of a business organization to perform tasks like production optimization, asset tracking, and highly encourage the use of BYOD and loT in all areas of an organization.
But here comes the problem, when the internet becomes a source of distraction or a security threat to the organization.

Sangfor IAM: Protective Web Gateway and More

Sangfor IAM Secures Web Gateway listed in SWG Gartner Magic Quadrant for the past 7 years. Thus becomes a prime solution providing vendor. Offering a solution for internet bandwidth management, Traffic control, illegal hotspot/proxy control, application control, URL filters, information control, behavior analysis, wireless network management, and many more features to help accomplish the web filtering.
  • Minimize access to non-business related sites.
  • Provide business intelligence solution
  • Maximizing bandwidth usage & availability
  • Minimize leakage and regulatory risk and safeguard the confidentiality of internet records.
  • Complete control of wireless APs.
  • Simplifies legal consent with cross-regional controls.

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Product Models

Models S5000 M5000 M5100 M5200 M5400 M5500 M5600¹ M6000¹ M6000-UPG² M9000¹ M10000¹ M12000¹
Profile Desktop 1U 1U 1U 1U 1U 1U 2U 2U 2U 2U 2U
HD Capacity 64GSSD 128GSSD 128GSSD 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB+4GCF 1TB+4GCF 1TB+64GSSD
Application Layer Throughput Options 40 Mbps 80 Mbps 160Mbps 400Mbps 600Mbps 1 Gbps 1.2Gbps 2 Gbps 4 Gbps 10 Gbps 20 Gbps 40 Gbps
Recommended Concurrent Users 50 PCs~100Mob. 50 PCs~100Mob. 600 2000 3000 5000 6000 15000 20000 50000 100000 200000

Product Advantages

Based on traffic data, reports, ranking, time, and activity of users & user groups. The Sangfor IAM provides graphical reports for businesses analyses and identifies the root causes of all network problems. To manage internet access, IT managers required reports, statistics, and vital information.
Sangfor made this task very simple as our system automatically generates reports and sends them to an assigned Email address to monitor network architecture, reliability, and bandwidth usage.

Sangfor IAM approximately 30% using three major traffic management solutions to improve bandwidth utilization.
• Dynamic Traffic Control
• Automatically Adjust Traffic Control
• Allocate Idle Bandwidth Resources.
It manages all Up-link and Down-link P2P traffic efficiently. Also, allocate variable traffic quotas and restrict bandwidth for heavy users. Which makes your site run smoothly.

Sangfor IAM is an external data store that gives its customers access to vital internet information. It helps to prevent leakage of core information and provides log tractability for network sensitive incidents.
For the industry of information management, Sangfor IAM highlighted outgoing information in the network and supports outgoing forums, email, instant messengers, network drives, and SSL encrypted emails.

Sangfor IAM is the biggest application signature database in Asia, having the capability to identify 2900 network applications over 900 mobile applications. It controls network applications more accurately, comprehensively, and according to their specific function like distinguished upload and downloads.

Sangfor effectively controls both Wired and Wireless networks. We use pliable authentication methods for complete security of access control and support various traditional authentication methods such as password/name, IP/Mac, and marketing authentication methods (QR code, SMS, WeChat, App, Epilepsy, etc.)

Confirmation via SMS, Portal, Social media, and QR Codes
For our user's ease, Sangfor offers easy authentication methods like SMS, Portal, and Social Media. Likewise, QR Codes were also designed by Sangfor, so that clients can easily access some features by just scanning QR Code.

Sangfor offers the facility of E-billing that can be installed on any commodity server. Through it, customers can check the record of internet use, time spent on the network. They can get the idea of the cost to charge per month.
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Scenario Solutions

It is hard to identify why office workers are consuming excess bandwidth, which leads to less control over user browsing behavior. Sangfor IAM helps organizations to control and monitor networks by identifying non-work-related browsings. Sangfor professional traffic management features allow IAM to rationally allocate bandwidth resources and maximize its usage.
For organizations with multiple branches, IAM supports 3G link backup, making network management more efficient.

Sangfor IAM provides authentication access through Facebook, WeChat, SMS. Also, unified authentication solution for both wired and wireless connection users within a single IAM platform. Sangfor simplifies the method of management and integration by integrating with WLAN vendors.
It offers a switch based user access control capability to help control LAN user access.

Sangfor business intelligence platform provides the facility to turn big data into big value. It helps to identify internet users.
Business organizations use this platform Network to detect internet usage for personal and entertainment needs.

Illegal use of the internet has become so common now that many countries are imposing laws and regulations to monitor users' internet access behavior.
Sangfor IAM internal application database notices user behaviors of file uploads, BBS posting, email, browsing history, and applications accessed. In the case of illegal network usage, this audit solution assists in consumer compliance with municipal legal legislation and acts as a vital investigating device.
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