All You Need to Know About A Hot Stone Massage

All You Need to Know About A Hot Stone Massage

When it comes to stress relief, a hot stone massage Dubai treatment is a great choice. Most treatments last an hour or more, but you may feel as though the session lasted much less time. These massages are also available in shorter sessions, but they still offer deep relaxation. Learn how these massages work, how the stones are held in the hands, and the benefits of hot stone massage. Read on to learn more! Then, make an appointment and treat yourself to a spa day!

Basalt stones

Unlike traditional massage methods, hot stone massage combines heat and pressure, adding a unique thermal element to the therapy. Hot stones help to increase circulation, decrease cortisol, and eliminate toxins while also increasing range of motion. Massage therapists should limit the time the stones are heated. They should also ensure that the client is comfortable with the temperature before starting. This way, clients will receive the best hot stone massage treatment possible.

Traditional massage techniques

A hot stone massage is a therapeutic massage using heated stones. The stones are made from basalt, a mineral that absorbs heat well. Modern engineered stone products are also used. The therapist uses the stones as extensions of his hands, placing them strategically along pressure points. The firmness of the stones enhances therapeutic effects. During a massage, the therapist will use small and large stones to work on different parts of the body.

Placement of stones in hands

The placement of hot stones in the hands is an excellent way to improve circulation and release muscular tension. The massage can help relax tense muscles and relieve pain. Cold stones also help the circulatory system, allowing the therapist to use a lighter touch to reach deeper tissues. This technique can be performed by professionals or at home with a small stone set in your bathroom. It is also an excellent way to relax a sore back or stiff neck.

Therapeutic benefits

Hot stone massage is a therapeutic treatment that places warm stones on specific trigger points on the body. To receive the benefits of this massage, you must be able to tolerate the heat and should consult a licensed massage therapist to decide if it’s appropriate for you. At Inspire Salon and Day Spa, we have therapists who are experienced and skilled at offering this therapy. To learn more about this therapy, visit our website.

Precautions to avoid before getting a hot stone massage

There are some things to keep in mind before getting a hot stone massage. First, you must consult a physician if you have any medical condition that may interfere with this type of massage. Also, hot stones can raise your internal body temperature, which may make you feel dehydrated. To avoid this problem, do not eat a big meal before your massage appointment. You should also avoid taking any medications that may have side effects related to heat.

Now that you have understood everything about it, go ahead and look for a Russian massage in Dubai to book an appointment.

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